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Dr. Michael Leitz

Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Owner, MCLEITZ Consulting, LLC



All offerings can be realized as interactive-workshops, keynote speeches or individualized coaching sessions, and can be anywhere from forty-five minutes to 3 hours. Content can also be tailored to your specific needs. Both live and virtual-learning options are available, with some offerings designed as a hybrid-learning experience utilizing both online content and live interactive session. 



The purpose of this content is to help you identify behaviors and strategies that will help you manage your time, prioritize tasks and handle interruptions to increase your effectiveness in the workplace.

Learn to identify behaviors and create strategies that help you manage multiple priorities and handle interruptions so you are more effective at work. We cover the myth of multitasking, how daily goals and objectives lead to success, strategies and best practices in putting out fires, doing more than one job, meeting madness and how to limit interruptions.

This offering will be a mix of self-directed learning and one live online session using the Zoom platform. The self-directed learning exercises will be available two weeks before the live session and should be completed before that date.


This offering is designed to help individuals and managers have a better understanding of each of the generations and how they approach work. The goal is to have a better understanding of yourself and people of different generations and the strengths each bring to the workforce.

In this fun, interactive session we’ll examine what makes each generation unique and creates diversity within the workforce. Our final goal is to help us see the strengths each generation brings to the workplace, and how those strengths have led to a more inclusive and safe working environment for everyone. This training can be offered live or virtually to your group.

We will examine what has shaped each of the generations and what makes each unique. There will be discussion around some of the challenges facing each generation, and how we can help each one through change. The session includes Baby Boomers through Generation Z. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge, which will help your teams work move effectively together as they better understand their individual and organizational diversity. This can be part of your groups (DEI) training. 



Understand your conflict style, identify different types of conflict, and gain confidence in bringing peaceful resolution utilizing tips in a win-win model. 

Conflict in the workplace is normal, even inevitable. We tend to avoid it despite the many benefits of resolving conflict effectively. Managing conflict can improve decision-making, strengthen professional relationships, increase employee retention and significantly contribute to organizational success. 

In this interactive workshop, you will learn through assessments your own conflict styles. You will examine and identify the four conflict types. We will review the 5 conflict modes and how to strategize which approach best fits a situation. You will also learn to identify the ‘levels of conflict’ when you are in one.  Additionally, you will learn how conflict can change from dysfunctional to a factor in growth and success. You will understand your role in working toward a resolution with others for a win-win outcome.

Michael Leitz

Dr. Michael Leitz holds a Doctorate degree in Leadership from Lincoln Christian University, a Master’s degree in Church Leadership from Southern Seminary, and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Illinois State University. He is owner of MCLEITZ Consulting, LLC and has worked as a trainer, consultant and keynote speaker since 2007. He is a Wiley Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and Agile EQ solutions provider.  His areas of expertise include time management, (DEI) Generational Diversity training, leadership development, management and executive coaching, conflict resolution, and presentation skills.

Michael enjoys speaking on various topics, be it in a workshop format or as a keynote. He has had the pleasure of contracting with many wonderful organizations such as Power System Engineering (PSE), Montana and Iowa Bankers Associations, Harley Davidson World Headquarters, Catalyst Construction Group, IPCX – Pharmacy Group, SVA Accounting, Horicon Bank, the Wis. Department of Workforce Development, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison to teach in their continuing education department.

Sarah Gibson

“Michael’s talents are in getting people to talk about things that need to be surfaced to move forward in healthy manners. This skill makes him an excellent business associate and colleague. In addition, his creativity in problem solving creates win-win scenarios for everyone involved. I was fortunate to have him as a part of my team for fourteen years!”

-Sarah is a Vistage Chair, and former owner of Accent Learning and Consulting, Stoughton, WI, a business consulting firm for whom Michael worked as a Senior Training Associate.

Shelley R.

“Over the past decade, I’ve had the benefit of attending many of Dr. Michael Leitz’s training sessions and have made it a point to bring his training to the organization for which I work. He truly listens to our preferences and works with us to develop training to meet our business needs. I often introduce Dr. Leitz as  a “fan favorite” because his classes fill up completely with new and repeat “customers”!

I believe that Dr. Leitz has a unique talent of a having a warm, welcoming, laid back presentation style, yet being right on point with time/class management and learning objectives. He’s a true professional – organized, polished and prepared.  I believe that everyone can benefit from the teaching he provides.”

-Shelley is a Staff Development Program Specialist in the public sector where Michael has been able to do various Corporate Training sessions.

Ola Boye

I appreciate Dr. Leitz as he was very understanding, patient, and direct with me. He was able to coach me through a stressful transition in my career. As I was changing roles, he was able to help me understand what I wanted to do and how to accomplish it. Dr. Leitz helped me add some useful leadership skills around emotional intelligence through the use of my Everyting DiSC assesment. These helped me understand others better and for me to be honest with myself. As a result, I feel I am a better leader.”

-Ola Boye (PE, ENV SP), Manager of Energy Resources Division at Power System Engineering (PSE) Consulting, Madison, WI.

Morgan Ziegler

“Generational Diversity was a great session and I got great feedback from my staff. It was a pleasure working with Michael Leitz and having him educate our staff on generational diversity. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic which made the session very enjoyable. We will definitely be using Michael in the future for training needs.”

-Morgan Ziegler, HR Director for Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (